Varieties in the Tettnang Growing Region

The character of the various hop varieties

The hop varieties grown in Europe have developed via natural selection by planters and brewers in the various growing regions over several centuries, which also explains the origins of their names (Tettnang local variety = Tettnang growing region). The noble local variety Tettnang is recognized as the core competence of the Tettnang growing region and is only grown here (cultivation area >50%). Crossbreeding, which has been increasing in intensity since the 1960s, has brought new groups of varieties (including aromatic, high-alpha and the new flavor varieties). In Tettnang over 20 varieties are currently being grown – around 75% are local, aromatic and flavor varieties, with one quarter being the high-alpha variety Herkules. The Tettnang growing region describes itself as the “delicatessen” of Germany’s most southerly growing region. 

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Local varieties

Hallertauer Mittelfrüher HAL

Spalter SPA

Tettnang TET

Saazer SAZ

Hersbrucker Spät HEB

Rottenburger Spät RBS


(Also called fine aroma varieties)

Aroma varieties

Hallertauer Tradition HTR

Spalter Select SSE

Perle PER

Saphir SIR

Smaragd SGD

Opal OPL

Bitter/high alpha varieties

Hallertauer Magnum HMG

Hallertauer Taurus HTU

Hallertauer Merkur HMR

Herkules HKS

Nugget NUG

Northern Brewer NBR

flavor Hops

Cascade CAS

Mandarina Bavaris MBA

Hallertau Blanc HBC

Hüll Melon HMN

Ariana ANA

Callista CAL

German Amarillo VG1

Dual hops

Polaris PLA

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Pocket Guide (overview of varieties according to classification)

Special flavor Hops from Hüll

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